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The Advantages of Water Jet Cutting Highlight its Versatility

Azmin Taraporewala Mar 17, 2019
Water Jet cutting is a smooth yet abrasive technology, that deals with slitting any metal with the force of water. Read this post to know the advantages of water jet cutting.
Water jet cutting is a novel technological leap, that manages to fluster one and all with its profound ability of cutting the toughest of metals or any material such as tiles, or concrete with the force of water mixed with an abrasive substance (gravel etc.).
To explicate the working principle, on the basis of which a water jet works, is the force with which water-cum-an abrasive substance, is let out through a mechanical opening toward the object, that has to be cut. You may be aware of the potential that water harnesses.
The opening is tiny through which water finds an outlet, in order to exert optimum pressure through the metal. Water jets and its advanced technology, can cut through any metal, or material that is tough by nature, however, they are most preferred for slitting through aluminum and steel sheets. Tiles are also cut through, with the help of water jet machines.

Where Is Water Jet Technology Used

● Aerospace sectors; where the materials have to be cut intricately for the machine, and constructing body parts.
● Tiles and stones that are custom-made, have to be cut to derive contours that are demanded by the individual.
● Aluminum sheets and other metals such as titanium and copper sheets are also 'watered down', with the water jet technology.
● Wood that has to be converted into a piece of furniture, can also be cut to conform to custom designs.
● Automotive industry where parts of the body; tires, rearview mirrors and other components of the machine, are required to constitute a specific structure.

What Are the Benefits of Water Jet Cutting

Water jet technology has a number of positive and helpful benefits to boast about. Keep reading to decipher the benefits of a water jet cutter.

Versatile Cutting

Water jet technology can cut any material with ease, irrespective of its durability and composition. It may also cut shapes desired by an individual or company, for the purpose of formulating specific components.

Feasible Option for Cutting Materials

Water jet cutting technology is all the more preferred over laser or flame cutting, as there is no inclusion of chemicals, or external heat to facilitate the procedure. However, when cutting a material becomes extremely tough, gravel is added to water to promote efficiency.

Wide Parameters of Cutting

Water jet technology is equipped in such a manner, that cutting any material is no more a messy and troublesome task. Water jet technology can cut thickness ranging up to 200 mm. The speed of a water jet machine may be categorized high in terms of its efficiency in cutting materials.

Intricate Cutting Ability

The metals that are cut with the help of water jet technology, are cut with supreme accuracy. The contours that one may desire are achieved through the process. Marble and various tiling materials can be cut to custom-fit a decor or suffice a requirement.

No Heat Involved

Heat is not involved when the process has to be executed. The cutting, on the contrary, is conducted at room temperature. Thus, there is no emission of fumes or dust. There are times when due to the material being exposed to heat; it galvanizes into a different shape. With water jet technology, this case does not hold true.

Smooth Finish

Often called burrs, in the industrial nomenclature, there are no rough edges (burrs) left, after the cutting is completed. The parts that have to be compounded together have to be smoothed, to get rid of their irregular edges. With water jet mechanism, the parts procured can be used right after they have been cut.

Reducing Wastage of Material

You may be elated to know that water jet machines are environmentally-friendly as well. They believe in minimal wastage and do not entertain parts that have to be disposed off without being optimally utilized. Thus, this process 'waters down' to fragment-like wastage.
In a nutshell, the water jet cutter proves helpful and precise in splicing complex shapes. The method used by a water jet cutter, aforementioned as cold cutting, is deemed to have an edge at cutting any shape with indivisible precision.
Cutting shapes you desire your furniture to wear, is accomplished with the contouring mechanism of the water jet cutter. Another advantage is that splicing the piece could be commenced from any given point on the contour of any material.
So, with these advantages, we believe that you are thoroughly convinced by its effectiveness. Bid farewell to mechanisms that made cutting a task, as this technology is here to make for a pleasant experience; one that is 'acoustically sound' as well!