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8th Grade Science Fair Projects for Girls

Girls, Gear Up for These Ace 8th Grade Science Fair Project Ideas

This article will provide you with some topics on 8th grade science experiments that would be highly liked by girls. You can pick up any one topic that matches your interest. Read on...
Saptakee Sengupta
Last Updated: Sep 25, 2017
Science fair projects are always interesting when you get the opportunity to work on the topics that interest you the most. At 8th grade you are capable enough to carry out the experiment being taught to you at practical classes with perfection. You can utilize the same ideas or come up with new concepts for your science projects and do excellent work with the help of your classmates. Girls are mostly inclined towards biology and chemistry, although exceptions are always present, where they display their exceptional scientific knowledge at physics, computer science, mathematics, and other disciplines of science.
Science Fair Projects for 8th Graders
Now matter which subject you choose, your project work should be well explained and scientifically correct. In 8th grade you can pick up topics in which you have in depth knowledge so that you can provide a good explanation. There are a wide range of topics from biology, earth science, environmental science, organic chemistry, microbiology, etc., that you can choose from. So take a look at the ideas provided on 8th grade science fair projects for girls.
Growth of Radish Under Magnetic Field
Have you ever thought that a magnetic field can affect growth of plants? There are a few specific species of plants, whose growth gets affected when placed under a magnetic field. This experiment is commonly done with radish. Collect two seedlings of radish plant and plant them in two separate pots. The experimental pot will contain a handful of magnet chips while the control pot will be devoid of it. Place the pots at a distance of 1-3 feet.
Keep the temperature constant and provide the necessary factors required for growth of a radish plant to both the samples. Observe their growth after two or three days. You will notice that the plant that is under the effect of magnetic field is taller than that placed in the control setup. Thus, it is proved that magnet accentuates growth of radish plants. Scientists have proven the fact that magnets enhance synthesis of proteins, which further accentuates growth of plants. You can explain the process with the help of diagrams and demonstrate it well with a presentation.
Bacterial Load in Different Types of Water
This is probably one of the easiest experiments that girls will find interesting. Collect samples of water from river, lakes, ponds and the ocean. Separate the samples in test tubes to avoid mixing of water. Now prepare a bacterial growth medium with the help of the protocol provided to you. Make sure that the composition is well prepared to support growth of bacteria. Now culture the bacteria in the liquid medium by dilution method. Pour about 20 ml of growth medium in separate test tubes and dilute them individually with the water samples.
Place the tubes overnight inside an incubator to achieve the desired growth. Take the readings on a UV spectrophotometer to measure the density of each sample. The sample that gives highest reading in the spectrophotometer contains maximum number of bacteria and is the most contaminated. Thus, from this experiment you come to know the source of water that is the most polluted. The experiment should be explained clearly with appropriate diagrams.
Other Topics for 8th Grade Science Experiments
We have listed down some more science fair project ideas that you can take up for your 8th grade science project.
  • Effects of salt concentrations on plant cell.
  • Effects of different soaps on growth of plants.
  • How much carbon dioxide is present in a bottle of soda?
  • Explore the formation, evolution and death of stars.
  • With the help of titration do a quantitative and qualitative analysis of acid and base.
  • How does temperature affect growth of caterpillars?
  • What are the conditions that affect rate of seed germination?
  • Make sun prints with sun's light and colors.
  • Can a saturated solution of sodium chloride dissolve Epsom salts?
  • Compare and study the effect of organic fertilizers vs chemical fertilizers.
  • How does ethylene affect rate of ripening of plants.
  • Analyze different methods of seed viability.
  • Experiment to show production of electricity in fruits.
  • What plastic wrap prevents oxidation the best?
  • Grafting a tomato plant onto a potato plant?
  • Does air temperature affect how long soap bubbles last?
  • Experiment to show the reflection of light through a prism.
  • How does the color of your eye affect peripheral vision?
  • Is it true that the rate of transpiration is hindered in presence of smoke?
This list, though not a comprehensive one, has picked up some of the best topics that you can display at the science exhibition. Research well on the topic and explain the observations accurately so that everyone present can understand the purpose of your experiment easily. Feel free to approach your teacher to clarify your doubts. All the best!
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