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7th Grade Science Fair Projects for Girls

7th Grade Science Fair Projects for Girls

Are you looking for some educational yet fun ideas for 7th grade science fair projects? In this article we have compiled some cool science projects for girls.
Ashwini Kulkarni Sule
Last Updated: Mar 19, 2018
Grade 7 is a stepping stone in the academic lives of children. This is the grade where you actually get to handle the wet experiments. Until then, kids only content themselves with learning the theoretical aspect of experiments and studying the inferences drawn by someone else. Grade 7 is the time when you actually implement innovative ideas of your own and demonstrate the results of your invention. Science fairs are a great platform for budding scientists to exhibit their talent and showcase their projects.

Easy 7th Grade Science Fair Projects for Girls

Science fair projects for 7th grade can be extremely simple with only a handful of supplies needed. However, the approach or the concept should be interesting, if not altogether innovative. There are a range of diverse fields such as physics, chemistry, biology, geology, space science, behavioral science, etc., which offer a wide scope for experimentation.

Environmental Science Experiment
You sure must be aware of the extent of damage which oil spillage causes to marine life. The BP oil spillage disaster in Gulf of Mexico is still fresh in our minds. Cleaning the oil from the surface of water is a challenging task in such cases. You can demonstrate this using a simple experiment. Take high grade motor oil and some water in a bowl. Other things that you will need for your experiment are spoon, sand and cheesecloth. Spill the motor oil on the surface of water in the bowl and attempt to clean it with various ways. Try scooping the oil using a spoon and then vacuuming it. Next, use a cheesecloth to strain the oil. Lastly, spread sand on the mess and see if the oil sinks to the bottom of the bowl. Check which of the methods used produces the most satisfactory results. This experiment illustrates how these concepts can be implemented in real life at a greater extent.

Behavioral Science Experiment
We know the effect of music on our physical and mental health. It is a well established fact that music has therapeutic properties. However, what genre of music has the most soothing effect on the human mind? Does music influence your sleeping pattern? You can find answers to these questions by conducting a small behavioral science experiment in any nursery or a day care center. Play different genres of music and see how little kids respond to the music played. Also play the music while the kids are asleep. Study the sleeping pattern and find out which music has the most soothing effect on the kids. Make a chart showing the effects of different music types and corresponding behavioral pattern in kids.

Biological Experiment
Are you interested in studying the growth of various types of fungi and mold? Collect swabs from your mouth, your pet's mouth and your friends' mouths with a Q-tip. Take the swab in a petri dish and allow the fungus to grow for a few days. Monitor the growth and find out which sample shows maximum fungus. Alternatively, you can also collect the sample from your feet or shoes and put the Q-tip in a plastic bag. Wet the sample and isolate the bag. Check the growth after a few days. Document your inferences for the experiment conducted.

Physics Experiment
Ever wondered if snow is cooler at the top of earth or underneath? This simple science experiment should be able to answer this question for you. You will need some snow, a plastic container, two film canisters, clear gelatin, thermometers, etc. Fill the plastic container with snow and the film canisters with gelatin. Insert two thermometers in the two canisters and close them. Place one canister at the bottom of the container and the other at the top. After a couple of hours, open the canisters and measure the temperature in each canister. Record your data and draw the inference.

Biochemistry Experiment
This project involves study of germination of seeds that are pre-rinsed in a chemical before planting. The various chemicals that you can use include hydrogen peroxide solution, dilute hydrochloric acid solution, dilute isopropyl alcohol solution, fruit juice etc. Rinse the seeds of same variety with each of these chemicals and plant them in different pots. Study the rate of germination of seeds for every chemical and draw your inference.

Science Fair Project Topics for 7th Graders

Apart from the above experiments, you can get ideas from various other science fair project topics. Given below is a list of topic ideas for middle school science fair projects.
  • Which foods offer an ideal thriving environment for fungi?
  • How do wavelength of ultraviolet light affect the DNA?
  • Does the temperature of water have any effect on the color of fish?
  • Effect of electricity on plant growth.
  • Frequency of earthquakes at different times of day.
  • Effect of air pressure on the flight of objects.
  • pH study and how it affects the growth of plants.
  • Effect of wind instruments on lung capacity.
  • BMI survey of middle school students to find out the rate of obesity.
Hope the ideas given in this article help you out. Do not hesitate to implement a novel concept. You can take help from parents, teachers and seniors.