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5th Grade Science Fair Project Topics

Logical 5th Grade Science Fair Project Ideas You Should Try!

So, the date for science fair has been announced and you still haven't got a clue what you are going to present, right? Here is a list of some science fair project topics for 5th graders.
Ashwini Kulkarni Sule
Last Updated: Feb 21, 2018
Middle school kids are old enough to understand the significance of science fair projects. They can even come up with their own ideas for such projects. However, they need help from parents or teachers for implementing their ideas. Though parents are not expected to make a project for their kids, they must guide them, whenever required.
While choosing a science fair project for 5th graders, one must understand that complexity of the project is not the deciding factor for good grades. Many students present the simplest scientific facts in the most interesting way and get away with A grade. Hence, no matter what topic you choose, just make sure you understand the concept thoroughly.
Given below is a list of 5th grade science fair project topics for your reference.
  • Does the color of food influence our liking for them?
  • Does music affect plant growth?
  • Effect of color of light on plant growth. Demonstrate using 3 to 4 different colors.
  • Compare various dog foods in the market and find out your dog's preference. Also try to find out the reason behind it.
  • How does music affect human behavior?
  • Does the color of hair has any effect on its static potential?
  • How can you prevent an ice cube from melting? Compare various methods.
  • How does interior paint color affect human behavior?
  • Effectiveness of childproof containers and locks
  • How do worms in soil affect the growth of plants?
  • Which is the most germ-infected place in your school?
  • Effect of background music upon our concentration levels. Demonstrate with an example.
  • Which is the best plant fertilizer in the market? Why?
  • How do different types of food affect our heart rate?
  • Do sportsmen have a better lung capacity?
  • Compare lung capacity in various people according to their age and gender.
  • How does acid rain affect the growth of aquatic and terrestrial plants?
  • How to identify acids and bases
  • How can you keep cut flowers fresh for a longer time?
  • Rate of mold growth on different foods. Which food shows maximum and fast mold growth?
  • Why do animals have a better visibility in the dark than humans?
  • What happens to the temperature when you add salt to boiling water?
  • Which is the most durable battery brand in the market?
  • Best design for athlete's shoes. How does it affect the jumping height.
  • Does everyone has the same sensitivity to different smells?
  • Effect of age on human response
  • How does the position of pot affect the growth of plant growing in it? Try various positions such as sideways, upside down.
  • Correlation between type of potting soil used and the rate of plant growth.
  • Do psychic people really exist?
  • Is reincarnation real?
  • Which soda brand erodes the teeth most? Experiment using a fallen tooth and different brands of soda.
  • Which acid erodes the rocks most? Demonstrate using different types of rocks and various acids.
  • Which is the best method of purifying water?
  • How does the color of birdseed affect the number of birds it can attract?
  • Comparison between natural and chemical fertilizers based on various aspects
  • Which brand of bubble gum produces the biggest bubbles?
While original ideas are always appreciated, you can also take a previously done project topic and present it in an innovative way.
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