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4th Grade Science Projects for Girls

Dhanashree Patane Oct 28, 2018
If you want some unique 4th grade science projects for girls, here are some of the best project ideas.
Being a parent is like living your childhood again. As your child grows and learns, you witness being a child again, while giving your best in his progress. The effort is the most when it comes to academics of the child and projects are one part that most parents want to give in the best.
As a kid, your little ones will have their own distinct world of learning and development. So giving them a fresh stock of project ideas will help them standing strong and unique in their class. We have simplified some interesting and creative ideas for 4th grade science projects.

Science Projects for 4th Graders

With a strong sense of observation and learning, your child will get a dash of enthusiasm, if you consider a idea complements your child's talent in some or the other way. Once they relate their special interest to the project, they will not only be more than excited about it, but will also make sure that they gives it their best.
Every child may not be a geek, but you can make science interesting by a little homework on their pool of talent. We have categorized the ideas for science projects for girls studying in 4th grade according to the field or area of interest of your child.

Beauty Wise

Considering a girl, she just might not be the one wanting to portray a solar panel or a serious math equation. Your little angel might be keen on all that makes beauty, that makes a girl. For hobbies and interests with pinks and curls, there are some interesting options available.
How to remove gum from hair with home remedies
As kids, a lot of times gum getting stuck in the hair is something common. You can demonstrate your ideas on removing gum from hair with home remedies by demonstrating about how different ingredients can help in removing the gum from the hair easily.
You will need a small bunch of hair, and some gum. Take baking soda, vinegar, peanut butter, mayonnaise, and oil in different bowls. You can choose two or three options. Now leave the gum on the hair and rub each ingredient on the hair, and wait for a few minutes. Make a note on how much time each requires and how each ingredient affects the gum.
You may also try the topics mentioned here.
  • What are the ingredients in basic cosmetics
  • Mention the difference in regular shampoo and an anti-dandruff shampoo
  • Study on the different types of fabrics and their properties

Little Einsteins

For girls that race for sharp minds and geeky intellects, you cannot just hand over a photosynthesis or a germination project. Something that accentuates their sharp minds should be more deep and reasonably challenging, that will justify their talent.
How a photograph is developed
How is a photo developed, is an interesting topic to make a project on. You will need to study the history of how photography emerged with the finding of light sensitive material, mechanism of the camera, and the different methods of developing photos.
Here are some other interesting options.
  • Study which planet can be a home for humans after Earth, and why
  • Demonstrate how a nitrate tablet affects different types of drinks that can affect speed
  • The mechanism of water power to produce energy

Nature Lovers

Girls who love nature and are amazed by its flora and fauna, definitely deserve a greener pasture of science projects. This may also be a chance for your girl to demonstrate her wise thought on being a nature lover and an environment conscious child.
What are the causes of seasons
You can study the four seasons - spring, summer, fall and winter. Study about how the distance between the Eart and the sun affect the weather, season and duration of the days.
A few other ideas:
  • How is rainwater absorbed in different kinds of soil
  • Name the most endangered plants and the effect of their loss to the environment
  • The effects of global warming
  • The effects of acid rain on a certain type of plant
  • The most effective measures that can reduce the release of carbon in the environment
  • Solar energy and its various benefits

Animal Lovers

Your child might just be the keen one with species and their complete orbit. For this, select an animal and study its entire history and its current lifestyle. You can research on its eating patterns, habitat, and other related aspects of the animal. Make a hypothesis with some interesting collages and pictures.
Listed here are some other ideas to choose from.
  • Most endangered species of animals and its effects on the environmental pyramid
  • The effect of light and temperature on insects
  • Facts about fireflies
  • Do different birds prefer specific material to make birdhouses


Along with these various ideas for 4th grade science projects, there are a few more to choose from.
  • Which chewing gum has the most elasticity
  • What are the different materials that can be used for insulation
  • How do seeds react when germinated in different liquids
  • The difference between colored and white candles, and their rate of burning
  • The facts about permanent markers
  • Compare the greasiness in chips or fries with different brands, and justify the reason for the difference
With project ideas that reflect your child's interest, there will be more than just grades that she will be happy about!